Claim forms can be downloaded from the following address (or ask your club secretary). Click on Sports Scheme Summaries, then click on Australian Veteran Cycling Council at: www.sportsnetaustralia.com

The webpage also provides details of benefits as detailed on the Certificate of Currency.

1. Before submitting the claims form:
        a) ensure that the medical section has been completed by your attending doctor.

        b) ensure that the document is signed in the appropriate places by yourself and your club secretary.

        c) the club secretary will send the form to the State Secretary for endorsement.

        d) do not send the form directly to the Insurance Company. The State Secretary is responsible for forwarding the document to them.

        e) the document must be returned within 30 days of the accident.

        f) do not wait  until your bills have come in before submitting - submit as soon as possible after the accident. Pay the bills and then forward to the Insurance company for possible reimbursement. Note that there are excess charges made on most claims.